Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Network Access Control Quick Video Demo

Here's a quick pair of videos. They go over the look and feel of the Cisco Clean Access, or Cisco Network Admision Control (NAC) solution, from the user side. These are based on an older version of the NAC client.

NAC Value Proposition: "NAC allows only compliant and trusted endpoint devices, such as PCs, servers, and tablets, onto the network, restricting the access of noncompliant devices. It can be useful for enforcing policies to vendors and third party users who need to connect to the network infrastructure"

Summary of Benefits:

  • Security policy compliance: Ensures that endpoints conform to security policy; secures managed and unmanaged assets
  • Protects existing investments: Is compatible with third-party management applications; flexible deployment options for multiple entry points like VPN, wired, and wireless.
  • Mitigates risks from viruses, worms, and unauthorized access
Out-of-bound Implementation Method (i.e. Wired connectivity)

Inline Implementation Method (i.e. VPN)

You can find an excellent, and more recent, Flash Based Demo directly from the Cisco Website

For more information on Cisco NAC, you can go to the Cisco NAC portal directly.

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