Monday, August 9, 2010

3D Quick View - Cisco UCS B Series System

Finally, here's a 3D quick view video (two parts) of the Cisco Unified Computing B Series System. This one is my favorite. I broke it in two short videos: blade servers, and other architecture components.

Note: they are best viewed in full screen and HD mode

The UCS B Series is a system, not a Chassis based compute node. It combines Unified Fabric (single wire for data, storage, and management of the compute node), and Unified Management with other innovations in the server itself (i.e. Memory Extension to support up to 384 GB of DRAM per server, and Virtual Interface Cards to bypass virtualization supervisors and switch VM traffic in hardware).

In my opinion, one of the strongest value propositions is the Unified Management: from a central Cisco UCS Manager (that resides in the 5100 Fabric Interconnect Appliance) you can configure compute, network, storage, and administration parameters; all in one place. You can see a video of the UCS Manager here.

You can also access the 3D model from the Cisco Product Page.

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