Friday, July 23, 2010

Linux Journey: The beggining

I decided to start playing around with Linux after so many years that I don't touch a Linux distribution. The goal is not to play just to play, but more importantly participate and contribute to the community. I also decided to document some of my random thoughts in the form of a blog post here.

Everything started with the selection of the distribution. I thought of starting with the 3 big names: Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSuse. I used to run Redhat (when it was free, before Fedora) and Suse (before Novell). I heard Ubuntu became very popular and I did some research and found out it is the most downloaded distribution according to the dedicated distrowatch website. Debian was only for hard-core Linux users, and Mandrake disapeared somewhere in the French riviera.

After a few tests and some research, I decided to stick with the Fedora Project and become a contributor. These are some of the reasons:

Non-Technical Reasons

  • Fedora Project is a global partnership of free software community members, sponsored by the world largest Linux vendor: Redhat
  • It's fundamental and core values are "Freedom, Friends, Features, First"; which I like and agree with. Especially "First".
  • It has two projects that I want, can, and will work with: Fedora Marketing sub-project, and I will explore the Cloud Special Interest Group (SIG)
  • Fedora has the best documentation available and wiki system, by far
  • It is the second most downloaded (therefore used?) distribution today; so it is defintely a top distro
I tested a few distributions via the live USB option.
  • The Fedora Linux USB Live version boots considerably faster than any other
  • I experienced a small hicup with data persistency on the USB Live version, but that was after I installed a bunch of new packages. I currently run without persistency and I do not install anything on it.
  • The Live version does not include too many useless packages for me, such as OpenOffice. Just the right ones for the "thin client" or "netbook" type
  • YUM is an awesome package installer system; very easy to use
  • There are plenty of RPMs to choose from.
Finally, if you are still wondering, you can download and use Fedora Core from here

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