Monday, July 26, 2010

3D Quick View - Cisco Nexus 5020

I decided to create a few videos with 3D models of some Data Center 3.0 Architecture components. To start, the Data Center Access layer (i.e. where servers connect to), here's a quick silent video on the Cisco Nexus 5020 Unified Fabric Data Center Switch.

Note: Best seen in HD mode, and full screen

The Nexus 5000 comes in two flavors: 5010 and 5020. The Nexus 5010 has 20 embedded line-rate 10 GigE FCoE capable ports for server connectivity; the Nexus 5020 has 40 of those ports. They also have one or two expansion modules, respectively, that can be used for Fibre Channel ports to connect to a SAN.

The Nexus 5000 family is also capable of having the Nexus 2000 associated to it, to add 1 GigE ports for legacy server connectivity. That combination makes it an ideal design for datacenter access looking for a single management point, user defined oversubscription (or line-rate) access layer, and Unified Fabric support.

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