Friday, January 8, 2010

A quick look at Cisco Unified Computing

I got my hands into a Cisco Unified Computing System (a.k.a. Cisco UCS) and thought of creating a quick video to show the GUI and take this post to a more technical level.

The UCS is managed via a UCS Manager interface, which resides in the Fabric Interconnects. If you are familiar with the architecture, you know that UCS has many components:

  1. A Pair of Fabric Interconnects that manage and connect everything
  2. The I/O or Fabric Extenders that reside on the chassis and provide connectivity from each blade server to the Fabric Interconnects
  3. A server/blade chassis
  4. Half width or full width blade servers
  5. A Mezzanine card with 3 options for server I/O: VIC (with support for VNTags), CNA (for Hardwre based FCoE), or a software based FCoE NIC.

The management of the entire system (whatever number of blade server are connected thru a single pair of Fabric Interconnects) is managed via the UCS manager. The fabric interconnects form a cluster with 3 management IP's: one for each interconnect, and a cluster IP.

To initiate the UCS Manager, just open a browser, and point it to the Cluster IP.

Note: Watch in full-screen for a better experience

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