Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Opera Unite - Redefining the Web Browsing Experience

Today, as I was researching the current development state of the Opera 10 Beta 2 browser for my home PC, I discovered Opera's new project: Opera Unite.

The company is reinventing the way users browse the web, by enabling bidirectional communications with a web browser. Different from today, where the majority of the web operation is coming down to the user who is looking at the website, now information will flow in the other direction out from the user's computer.

In my opinion, this is going to be big. As it's accustomed by Opera, introducing new features that become standard in other browsers (e.g. browser tabs, speed-dials, embedded RSS Reader, synchronized bookmarks across computers) expect to see this functionality become mainstream soon.

In a nutshell, your web browser will allow you to upload and share folders with friends and other people, via a web server within the browser. Very promising for sharing information, documents, synchronizing files, etc., across computers.

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