Saturday, May 2, 2009

Twitter Money Machine Pyramid

This is funny. Someone left a comment in my blog post about the Twitter Followers experiment from last year.
At first, I thought this was some kind of phising site, but still decided to go and check out the site -
That's when I started laughing. On the front page, there is an "Informertial" about this wonderful system to get Twitter followers. It's very funny; with 30 days money back guaranteed and everything. This is nothing else but a pyramid scheme. The only thing missing is Billy Mays.


Anonymous said...

Actually, it's not by definition a 'pyramid' scheme. That involves sending money upon a purchase to a list of people, then adding your name upon the list and sending out invitations. That builds a pyramid to where the person on top gets rich while the people on the bottom gets broke.

This program is more about getting a huge host of follows for the express purpose of sending out advertising. Kindof like signing up for spam. :)

Buy twitter followers said...

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