Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What is Unified Computing?

I promised a post on Cisco's announcement earlier this week about Unified Computing. Here's a link to a great flash/video explanation: Flash Explanation

A Unified Computing System is a data center server platform that unites compute, network, storage access, and virtualization into a cohesive system. As a result of unifying all that it reduces TCO and increases business agility. The system integrates a low-latency, lossless 10GE unified network fabric with enterprise-class, x86-architecture servers for any application. The system is an integrated, scalable, multichassis platform in which all resources participate in a unified management domain.

Managed as a single system whether it has 1 server or 320 servers with thousands of virtual machines, this approach decouples scale from complexity. It is all managed as one big system. Unified Computing System accelerates the delivery of new services simply, reliably, and securely through end-to-end provisioning and migration support for both virtualized and non-virtualized systems. For example, you could move hundreds of servers and complex applications in a matter of a few hours.

For more info, just Google Unified Computing, or go to the source at Cisco's site.

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