Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Confluence to Typepad or WordPress

I hiatus because of my consideration of migrating Confluence to Typepad or WordPress. I'm still doing some more research; will resume posts soon.


Mark said...

Let us know if you need help moving to TypePad. The TypePad One team can help.


Felipe said...

I love Wordpress, we use it at The Miami Hurricane and it's an absolute dream. albeit some of the third party plugins have a tendency to malfunction, particularly our e-mailed version of the paper.
If you want to take a look at the website

Juan Baez Jr. said...

Why the move?

Leo Boulton said...

Well... I am all up for the change, and the free WordPress is winning in my list. The question is: (1) Can I mmigrate my full DNS posts so that Google doesn't have to re-index all my posts? and (2) How much free space do I have for hosting?

Matt Richmond said...

What'd you end up chosing? I'm contemplating a move to WordPress from Confluence, but I'm looking for a tool to export it.

Leo Boulton said...

I decided to stay with blogger. I didn't like the way blog posts are presented in typepad (deeper style), and wanted to keep it simple. Blogger is very very straight forward, and I can embed videos and pictures, which is basically what I want. I can also get analytics, which is great and good enough for my needs.