Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Apples in the office

After three years of my IBM Thinkpad T43, the time has come to get a new laptop for work. I love my Thinkpad: it resists everything, and Windows XP is a great OS too. This time, I have decided to try out a MacBook Pro for the office.

My decision was based on two things. First of all, I can't seem to get over the idea of running 3 more years of an almost end-of-support Windows XP operating system. It is great, but I would rather have the option of a Windows Vista laptop. Second, I am not familiar with Apple at all. Yes, I have an iPod, and all I know is that the OS is based on FreeBSD. There is something very attractive about having to learn something completely new.

I have always thought that Mac's were for the home user and that Apple had very little to offer to the enterprise. This time, I will experience firsthand if that is true. I will be using this very same MacBook for 3 years as well.

I am compiling a list of applications that I use and its Mac OS-X version. I am collecting them in a dedicated del.icio.us page under a Mac-Migration tag. Some of my everyday apps and tools that I will be using are:

  • Cisco VPN Client for Mac OS X for my virtual office
  • Opera Web Browser for Mac OS X
  • VMWare Fusion for Mac OS X for running Windows XP and the apps that have no Mac version
  • Cisco Unified Personal Communicator for Mac
  • Twhirl with Adobe Air as my Twitter client
  • Adium as a multi IM platform client to connect to my corporate Sametime IM server and Yahoo Messenger for external communications
  • MS Office 2008 for Mac OS X, with Entourage as the primary email and calendar client (IMAP).

There are very few important applications that I will not be able to install natively in the Mac, but that I can install in a virtual instance of Windows XP. These are a design application that I use every day, Netformx, and WebEx Connect for my collaboration spaces and document repository. Netformx will be the ultimate test because I use it every day, but I am not concerned as everybody tells me that it runs fine in Fusion. WebEx Connect has a web-based client in beta today and, hopefully, there will eventually be a Mac version released.

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