Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rent a meeting space anywhere in the world

TelePresence is a virtual conference system that includes high-definition video and audio as well as rich-media presentation capabilities. It comes in configurations that range from a single screen for a home or branch office to a three-screen setup with two rows of seats.

Cisco, in collaboration with business partners, is offering a network of public TelePresence meeting centers to the United States, India, and United Kingdom. Public Cisco TelePresence rooms provide convenient local meeting sites that offer the experience of in-person meetings for businesses, friends, and family. You can rent a public Cisco TelePresence room for an hour or day to increase personal interaction with customers, partners, consultants, etc.; reduce travel expenses and time; increase productivity; and reduced environmental impact.

Pricing varies between $299 per person for one hour meeting, to $899 for up to 18 people. More impressively, you can book your meeting online here: in any of the locations available today.

Oh, by the way, standard amenities for work and personal meetings are also available, including internet access, print/fax/copy services, and catering. Therefore, think of an on-demand conference room for anywhere in the world.

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