Thursday, October 30, 2008

Innovating in New Product Launches

Here's an example of an innovative and brilliant marketing campaign for a new go to market product: utilize social media, online resources, and creativity.
Start by going into the "Tech Edge (Fictitious) Blog" which simulates a news blog reporting on the new product to launch. It is updated almost daily, utilizes RSS to inform interested customers, and incorporates videos.

Also check out an alternative launch channel for the same product through more traditional advertisement that will eventually be linked to the former.

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Brian Ellefritz said...

Leo, Cisco greatly appreciates your kind words. This was a lot of hard work but very gratifying results. If you ever want to discuss any of our efforts on your blog I'm happy to give you information, just email me at As always we welcome any and all feedback too.
Brian Ellefritz
Cisco Social Media Marketing