Thursday, September 4, 2008

Speed test: Google Chrome beats Firefox, IE, Safari

In spite of speed tests name Google's Chrome way much faster than Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari for JavaScript, a key foundation for rich Web apps. And in spite of all the huge fan base praising it, my opinion about these products is the same: yet another product that does not satisfy a market transition, but only a fan base and maybe a fad.

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M Larson said...

I was just reading a Wired story about Chrome, downloaded it, and came to your site to see if you've commented on it! I think you're right, as a browser, Chrome would just have a small fan base of users. But it seems to me what Google is doing by bringing the stability of an OS (separated, secure processes; faster, richer apps) is thrusting a transition into the market. Once the browser is the "OS" to run applications (which IE/Firefox aren't now, based on a code base from the early days, before the interactive web), Google will be positioned to satisfy the future of cloud computing.

And it says they are going to open source it all, so even your Opera can stay alive and innovate! ;)