Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How can technology help small businesses? - Work from anywhere

In this series of posts I have explained how SMB companies can streamline business and improve their position by leveraging communication technologies. Today I will be addressing a third way to do that: “Work from anywhere”:

As your business grows, success means giving people the flexibility to work from home or on the go. With Unified Communications solutions, your workforce has easy, secure, wired or wireless access to:

  1. Your company's resources. Securely access data whether you're in the office or working remotely. Being mobile and staying productive in any environment helps boost revenues.
  2. Customers, colleagues, partners, and suppliers. Customers can reach available workers as incoming calls are automatically routed to whatever mobile device your employees choose. You can provide secure guest access. Employees can work after hours from home and save money on travel costs.
  3. Your network. With dual-mode phones that work both on data and cellular networks, you can continue conversations even as you move in and out of the office

Give employees secure access to the same phone and data network that they have in the office, even when they're away. This helps your company save money, boost productivity, and improve customer service. Some technologies that make this possible are:

Once again, a secure network foundation connecting various devices, such as PCs, phones, and printers is key. Security is very important, as you permit emploees access to your network from home via VPN technologies. Also, wireless business phones enable employees to work from anywhere on site with their desk phone close at hand and access information on the company network.

A combined voice and data, with voice, data, voicemail, instant messaging, automated attendant capabilities, video, and remote-access security built into one network is what is called a Unified Communications Network. Integration equals low cost.
Wireless access lets your workforce stay connected to the network even when they're not working at their desks. You can easily provide secure guest access to visitors, too.

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