Tuesday, August 19, 2008

[ZDNET] Why the Olympics didn’t melt NBC

The 2008 Beijing Summer Games presented many challenges for NBC. Therefore, NBC made the choice to have all broadcast shot selection and video editing done in the United States, with efforts shared between NBC Studios in Los Angeles and NBC Headquarters in New York City. How did they digitaized all that video? - Cisco's Scientific Atlanta

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The importance of an Executive Briefing Center

Almost every large corporation has an Executive Briefing Center (EBC). Cisco, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and IBM are classic examples. An EBC is a stunning venue designed to showcase product offerings and solutions to potential customers. Attendees are mostly executive level, but there are several variations of the briefing center that may include technical staff or even business partners and independent consultants.

An EBC has many benefits for the customer and the solutions provider. It offers a special opportunity to experience one-on-one time with experts and senior executives, gain first-hand knowledge of innovations, and collaborate with technology specialists to plan real-world business and technology strategies. An EBC is also customized for the client, making it unique and very valuable. Whiteboard and design sessions with the top experts are a direct benefit. Furthermore, the connections between the customer and solutions provider grow tighter and tighter along the executive organization of both companies. In other words, CEO's of both companies can truly establish a relationship and business partnership instead of only low level account teams and staff roles in both companies.

Secondary benefits are usually forgotten. An important one is with respect to focus. Both parties, vendor and customer, have to take time off to travel and give 100% of the time to the briefing. Also, new opportunities may be discovered from digressions in main topics. Finally, it offers a great start point milestone for mid and long term projects.

Every large corporation has a Briefing Center. Most of them, offer virtual versions of it as well. Next time you talk to your account team, ask them about their Briefing Center option. It is much more effective to have a customized briefing session than to part take only in conferences and events.