Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gaining Twitter Followers Experiment

I started an experiment with Twitter last week to prove one hypothesis: The more often you post messages to Twitter, the more followers you gain. Or in other words, you can gain followers just by posting lots of messages per day. Here's what I did:

  1. I Installed a Twitter client in my home computer and work laptop. I like twhirl a lot.
  2. I Set-up my Smartphone for Twitter updates. Only had to add the mobile version of Twitter to my browser favorites.
  3. Then, I post everything I'm doing, when I have a chance. There is a limit of how many updates per hour you can post on Twitter (70 requests per hour). I did only about 12 updates per day. Some of the people I'm following do about 30 updates per day.
  4. Then watch how people start following.

I've been doing this for the last week. And so far, I have added 14 people to my followers list. I don't think that they are very relevant to the people that I want to have as a follower. Most of them are generic company or project names, not individuals. Also, most of them are probably seeking to get more followers by following people (there is another proved theory that if you follow people, they will return the favor and follow you).

Anyway, the only complain I've got is from my wife who can't understand my work related Twits. I will continue with my experiment and update this post in a month or so.

/// Update ///

I'm up to 59 followers, and I have not requested to follow anyone else. The interesting fact, is that I'm being followed by people that have obviously no interest in reading my twitts. THey only want me to return the favor by following them. These are companies and startups. For example, onlineincome, workathome8, and debtconsolidation are following me. In conclusion, the list of followers augment, but the quality diminishes. Still, the technique of following people in an attempt to being followed is more effective.

/// End of Update - April 21st 2008///


Matt said...

I believe the reason why you are gaining followers by tweeting is because of twitter public timeline, in which some people just follow various people they see through it. I have experienced this as well.

PALS said...

I have been using twitter and i tried to perform an experiment. I followed 50 twitter members and 5 followed me.

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