Saturday, December 22, 2007

Work Remotely, without your PC

As I planned for my New Year's trip, I decided that I was not going to take my laptop with me and fully relax. Although, it is nearly impossible to do that, due to job constrains and dependency on it. What if I want to check my emails? or need that contact information? How about if I need to work on a presentation for an important customer? I discovered two excellent tools that will help me carry a USB key instead of a heavy laptop.

The first one is U3 technology from Sandisk. It came with a USB thumb key that I bought during black Friday. The main idea is that you can carry around, not only your synchronized files, but also applications in a USB key. That is, for example, there is a Firefox U3 version that installs the browser in the USB key. There is also Skype, PDF reader, Opera, and OpenOffice (for any Microsoft Office Document) for U3 among others. So, now I am taking my USB key with me. I put my favorite browser (Opera for U3), Skype in case I need to call abroad, the PDF reader and OpenOffice. Of course, I am taking my important files in case I need to work on those too.

The second thing is LogMeIn. It is a free online application that you can use to control any computer in the world. Even behind firewalls. The process is simple: you open an account with, pay nothing, and download a thin client for the computer that you want to control. That's it; now the laptop or pc will show up in your list of remote computers and you can control it from any browser. It is an excellent tool for remote control to provide tech support and for gaining access to your full desktop anywhere in the World.

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Jose Maria said...

For even more mobility you can use thin client if you want to access your PC files from your mobile (smart)phone.