Friday, November 16, 2007

Twitter: follow me around

Twitter is another collaboration tool of the Web 2.0 wave. The concept is called micro-blogging. You have 140 characters to post on the web what you are doing, or whatever you want to post.

The idea came from all the people changing their status constantly on Yahoo Messanger and MSN Messenger. Facebook and MySpace offers a similar capability to change your status. For more information, check out Wikipedia's entry on Twitter.

Twitter is dedicated to just that. People can follow you, and you can follow others to see what they are doing. Moreover, you can update Twitter from different avenues: directly on the website, your cell-phone via mobile Web or via SMS, or you can even have RSS applications and desktop applications that interconnect to Twitter.
you can follow me at and check out all the potential of it.

It sounds scary to have everybody seeing what you are doing... bear in mind that you can set up privacy settings so that only your friends can follow you, and you are also free to post whatever you want: if you post your credit card information, you are the only one to blame for that.


Jose U. said...

Yes, it sounds scary... like a voluntary big brother.
"I'm driving home, in traffic"
"I really need to go to the toilet"
"I'm feeling a bit constipated, and eating an apple."
"I just..."

Leo Boulton said...

It is more than that... Twitter is about micro-blogging. You don't have to tell everybody wen you are going to the bathroom, or when you are going to bed. If you do so, no one is going to follow you or be interested. Twitter is about broadcasting micro messages about whatever is in your mind. People use it as a business tool for communicating with customer, others use it to keep family informed on their whereabouts. It is a matter of asking yourself? on Facebook, how often do you update your status? Why do you update it? In MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger, do you create custom status notes? What about?
The bottom line is that the value proposition of twitter is to be a highly efficient, and high volume, communication tool; a communication tool for whatever you want it to be.