Monday, November 19, 2007

Blogger's fake to check facts... that's good!

I stumbled upon a blog post on Digg regarding the consequences of failing to check sources. It was fairly interesting, the note talked about a case where a magazine article on new developments for car paint led to the rumor that Nissan will release a car with chameleonic paint controlled by a button.

My thought around that is that I don't see that as a flaw of online collaboration. There is much more value in the speed (or as I call it, time-to-market of the information) than the fake news itself. Collaboration is self-healing, meaning that people will detect the flaw and correct it immediately, fixing the issue in the spot. I love the Wikinomics example. When Wikipedia and Britannica go head to head for accuracy and they find more mistakes in Wikipedia than Britannica, Wikipedia can say, thanks for finding the mistakes, they have been already corrected, test for accuracy again.

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