Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Entrepreneurial Vocation

As I signed in to Digg.com, I did a quick search for "entrepreneurship", and found a blog entry on a topic that caught my attention. It refered to the definition of Entreprenurship from a Catholic point of view. I thought it was interesting when they compare the church to an enterprise. It is very inspiring, and for those of you, my readers, that have thought of incorporating your faith with your entrepreneurial instinct, should definitely read the article for inspiration.

The Entrepreneurial Vocation - Acton Institute

I have deviated from my orignal premise about blogging about entrepreneurship in the confluence of Business and Technology. I will start a series of posts about the art of entrepreneurship and high-tech start-ups. You may think, that I haven't done it... and I have not funded a company... therefore we will all learn together.

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