Monday, October 22, 2007

Becoming green mean saving money or the environment?

I was wondering the other day if people want to become green to save the environment, or do they want to lower their monthly bills. After all, they are the same thing. The whole idea of becoming environmentally friendly (a.k.a. Green) is for everyone to consume less carbon generated energy, which in turns means save on energy bills. For example, save on electricity by cranking up the AC to 78 degrees, or save on gas by buying a fuel efficient car. Those things may indeed help the environment (there’s an intense debate this days whether global warming is for real or not). Though, in addition to that, they help your pocket.
BY replacing your incandescent bulbs with CFC’s, you may lower the electric bill by about 20%. By raising the AC to 78 or 79 degrees, you can save about 10% extra. If you get a fuel efficient car; instead of paying $50 a week on gas, you may pay $30, and save %80 each month. I know this for a fact, because these are three things that I have personally done. The numbers above may not be exact, but they are reality.
How about recycling? That really doesn’t help you save money. Not true. If you compose and recycle, the volume of trash that you generate will be lower, hence you bill for trash will go slightly down.
Now, how about if you buy carbon off-sets? Isn’t that helping the environment? Well, I think it is not at all. There have been a lot of scandals related to carbon offset organizations. Stories tell about complete scams of nonexistent organizations and ignorant orgs that plant non-native trees in third world countries.
The bottom line is that if you don’t believe in Global Warming; you should at least look into the savings associated to embracing some green initiatives in your everyday life.

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