Friday, September 28, 2007

Careful with what you Web-2.0 about...

When engaging in Web 2.0 in your company, be careful with what Web 2.0 services you enroll to. The idea of getting your company into the big Web 2.0 wave, may get you off track and forget about security sometimes. You may safely use internal tools when constrained inside your company; the ones that you have to be careful with are external tools on the Internet that employees may use.

Some examples are: – online bookmarking: careful when bookmarking internal and confidential sites in public sites that share bookmarks
Blogger, etc – online blogs: careful when blogging about proprietary information and information that is not publicly available to the rest of the world.
Netvibes or Google RSS - Online RSS aggregators: careful when aggregating your company's internal feeds, you may be sharing internal and proprietary information with everybody.
Facebook or MySpace – Social networking: Again, just like blogs, careful with what you post about the company.

Like all security practices, common sense is the best defense. Think twice before posting something for everybody to read.

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