Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Videoconferencing from home

I recently tested Skype's webcam feature. Last time I used a webcam over the plain Internet was with the first release of Yahoo Messenger. It was OK, back then. Just slightly slow.
I have to admit that Skype's codecs are great. I think it supports G.711, G729 and iLBC. Though I don't know exactly which one is the one used over the Internet (not G.711 for sure, because it is too fat.) I also don't know anything about the Video codecs... I'll find that out on my free time.
Anyway... I just thought of mentioning that the webcam is great. Very sharp video quality in a low-bandwidth environment (less than 1 Mbps).
Too technical?... well, I guess all I want to say is that the quality is great. I just wish Skype's client was a bit simpler to use.

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Michael Larson said...

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