Thursday, August 2, 2007

Smart phones are not so smart

When you need to buy something, buy what you need and nothing more, nothing less.

My goal, was selecting one mobile phone where I could comfortably synch with my outlook calendar. Notice the wording. It says selecting a mobile phone, therefore it should be a good phone. It should have basic mobile phone features like an address book, speed dials, voice recognition and bluetooth for a handset.
Second, this phone should be comfortable to synchronize and use. That is, the calendar should be in a good readable format, fast, and it must have the ability to synch with outlook, so that I do not have redundant calendars.

Well, in today's smartphone-mania era, it is easy to get immerse in features, and dual-mode phone, and 3G high speed data rate, and ultra slim. Notice that non of those are on my list of requirements. There are a ton of smartphones out there: Nokia, Samsung, Motorola. Every major brand has one. The key in selecting a device, lies in the one that has the best fit for your needs.

Of course, you'll say here "well, Leo, but that is for any purchase that I make". Yes. Absolutely. The problem is that you can very easily fall in the trap of marketing, and think that you want all the bells and whistles.

This happens in corporations and companies too. Technology can be very complicated. That's where vendors come into play, and they recommend products. That should be the product with the best fit for the company's need. So, my advice: when you think about your next big project: go with the vendor that provides a solution to what you want, not to what they tell you that you need.

Oh, and by the way... I got a Samsung Blackjack, which has my second requirement to the perfection. On the other hand, it is an awful phone with not even voice recognition as an option for dialing.


Gregor said...

``My goal, was selecting one mobile phone where I could comfortably synch with my outlook calendar.''

bwawhahahahah.. that was a hillarious joke. If you find one, shoot me an e-mail. If it does this whole syncing via bluetooth, I may even buy one.

Leo Boulton said...

Well... actually my company uses a fairly decent application for that. It is called Good Link ( and is part of Motorola.
It synchronizes, at a corporate level, in the back-end, your Active Directory and Exchange accounts. Therefore, you can get your email, contacts, shared calendar, tasks and notes over the air. No need for synching with ActiveSynch anymore.