Sunday, June 3, 2007

Touch based computing and digital signage... no keyboards needed

Touch-based computing is technologically feasible today. It all started with the magic wheel of the iPod. That marvelous wheel that you can roll without rolling; by just touching it. After that, came the big news about the iPhone, with a touch-based interface to the phone. Finally, last week, Microsoft announced what they call "touch screen computing": a computer with the shape of a table, and that you interact with it through drag-and-dropping with your fingers.

If you stop for a moment and think about it, computers are no longer just Personal Computers and application servers. They are becoming part of our everyday lives, and new applications come and go.

Of particular interest is the upcoming Digital Signage industry: where high-definition flat screens display any content that a company may want.

What does this tipping point in computing mean for your business? - well, your company can make use of computers like never before... you can make marketing more effective by displaying dynamic content in your retail stores (e.g. imagine that your local supermarket having information about new products and special offers displayed in the shopping car). Not only that, but also productivity can be improved for your everyday tasks (e.g. imagine that your restaurant has tables with touch screen computing, and your customers order directly from a menu that pops up on the table screen).

We are definitely seeing another avenue for innovation and technology. Web 2.0 might be driving the effort to make the Internet industry evolve..... the computing industry is also changing.

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