Monday, April 16, 2007

Vonage is out!

I believe Vonage will be out later this year, or maybe next year. To me, this is a similar case to what happened to Napster in 2000. This time, is Verizon driving the doom of Vonage.

Now, a lot of people is wondering if this is going to impact Internet Telephony in general. Well, I really think that it will impact it, though not in a definite way. When Napster was taken out of the cyber-map, did that stop file sharing?... not really. Now we have Limewire, gnutella and other technologies. It is probable that the same will happen to Internet telephony: Vonage will be gone, but others will find workarounds on time. We may be able to see a Broadvoice, Packet-8, or Skype survive.

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