Thursday, March 8, 2007

Teleworker Guide - Unified Communications

This week the largest technology conference in IP Telephony took place in Orlando, FL. VoiceCon groups the most important vendors, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the industry.
This year's topic... is all about Mobility and Unified Communications.

Unified Communications is not IP Telephony. IPT is one of the blocks in the whole picture... when we say Unified Communications, we mean the integration of different communication channels to interoperate and facilitate communications to increase productivity. Usually, all that runs on top of a robust IP network.

The integration happens with any channel that you may imagine: voice (telephone), voice-mail, Instant Messaging, E-mail, RF Radio, Cellular, web (blogs!), etc… picture listening to your voice-mail as an attachment on your email. Or imagine having a FAX read to you over the phone. Or imagine having an officer, talking on his Push-to-talk radio with a fireman in California.

Some of the benefits are:
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased efficiency and response time
  • Reduction of mistakes and issues caused by communication gaps
Therefore, for your teleworking solution it is key to have the most efficient communication with your geographically distributed team. You must maximize the investment by having the most efficient communication possible. After all, you need to replicate a real office, where you can just walk around to a particular cube and discuss an issue in person. With an efficient communication suite, you can replicate that by having a presence server on an Instant Messaging application, and knowing in advance if the remote worker is on the phone, or if he is just not in his desk. Instead of leaving a post-it note on his desk, you can leave him a voice-mail with a “call me when you get back”.

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Anonymous said...

no longer are we required to manage multiple devices - a laptop to send an email, sit next to your home phone in-case mum calls, carry your mobile just in-case that special someone might call or even a radio to talk to your neighbour - this can all be zapped down to a single platform, the Unified Communications platform. Boy, are we lucky to be living in this era.