Friday, January 12, 2007

Consumer Power: "We want entertainment!"

As I've posted in the past. It's a fact that consumers drive innovation and business today. Therefore companies need to adapt and address that first - especially they must take care of the customer.

Now, I put myself on the shoes of the consumer. Since I'll be moving to Florida next week, I am searching for new home entertainment, and I've found lots!. The best example: TiVo

TiVo: I know what it is, I know what it's used for, but I've never actually used one! You have to admit it looks like a great product. After all, it's been able to survive competition from the generic DVR and On-Demand TV from Cable operators. What is it that makes this product unique? - Well, I think it is that you can use it with any TV, any connection, anywhere.

That is precisely why I am considering getting one, because it is actually an alternative to having Digital Cable with On-Demand and a DVR. You may get basic cable (no set-top box), and hook up a TiVO. With it, you can record a full season of your favorite show, hook it up to your home network and listen to you iTunes collection on the TV, or you can even listen to Online Radio Stations. So, technically you get Internet Entertainment ported to your TV system (which you can then hook up to a decent Audio or Surround Sound system and get a very powerful Entertainment System).

The product per se gives you what it's called "Entertainment Time-Shifting": You can see your favorite shows whenever you want. So in essence it is a very advanced digital VCR,and they were the pioneers. The core patent of TiVo is a technology to endlessly digitally record on a hard drive. Like a FIFO queue, where you record for hours, and the oldest things get deleted. The best product they could think of, was a TV recorder, and what a hit it is. TiVo was the first to introduce the concept of digital recording, and that gave them such a big advantage over the competition (DVR and On-Demand, like I mentioned before). Now they offer far more than others. They have been able to survive, and still lead that market.

Before I finish, if on the other hand, you travel a lot.... you got the perfect component to TiVo: Slingbox (this is a fairly new product)

Slingbox: is another product that I know what it is, and what it does, but I've never seen (this one I am not planing to get, but I just want to share what it is). The slingshot is what gives you "Entertainment Space-Shifting". That is, you can watch your TV from anywhere with an Internet connection (even on you PDA). You can log in to your TiVo and see your recordings, favorite channels and even change the channels. Good for Consultants, I guess....

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