Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Apple's design lessons

If you haven't checked it yet... Apple's iPhone looks absolutely awesome....

I'm not one of those "Super Mac Fans". I believe the life-cycle of Apple products is way too short (You get one of their computers today, and probably it is already outdated in two years). Maybe that is the secret to their success in Product Design and Product Development.

Some Details (according to The Wall Street Journal)

  • Estimated Price: $600 with Two Year Contract
  • Provider: Cingular Wireless
  • Innovations: Visual Voicemail, Touch-Scroll Screen, Automatic Brightness adjustment, automatic shift orientation.... it runs Mac OS-X.

Another great iPhone (same name) is Linksys new phones (same name: iPhone). You can use them as dual phones at home (i.e. a regular old fashioned cordless phone, and a web based phone for Yahoo Voice, or Skype, or any SIP Service provider).

It's not a cell-phone, but technically you can take it to a cyber-cafe or hot-spot in the nearest coffe shop and use it as your phone.


Leo Boulton said...

Yesterday, Cisco sued Apple because of the iPhone name. Note: It is not a lawsuit against the design, the phone, or a pattent. It is a lawsuit about a trademark. The name iPhone was trademarked by Cisco before.

Gregor said...

I am not a big fan of the iPhone. Maybe it's because I am jaded that my friends told me that a "touchscreen only phone would be a completely retarded idea" and now Apple will make a ton of money from it.

As a person that requires tactile feedback, I do not see myself buying one. I love being able to use my phone without looking and the Apple iPhone certainly will not allow me to do that. Then again, I am sure that Billions of Apply vigilante's will flock to the stores buying one. Let me quote Mr. Mugatu from Zoolander here: "[Apple] is so hot right now, [Apple] could take a crap, wrap it in tinfoil and sell it to the queen of England.."

Leo Boulton said...

Well said, my friend.... well said.