Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wilderness Survival

As some of you who read CNET or ZDNET frequently know, what happened to James Kim (CNET's Editor) this month sparked concerns about surviving in the wilderness in case of something going wrong. This has become worse with such TV shows on Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel like "Survivorman" (My favorite by far!), "Man vs Wild", and "I Shouldn't be alive".
For those who know me personally, you know I am found of the outdoors since I remember, and this naturally concerns me.... oh yeah, and I love thous shows (except for "Man vs Wild"... the guy is just weird).
Anyway, I found this great video about items that you should always keep in your car. Some are not really a "must have" (e.g. an auto-warmed meal), but others you ought to have (e.g. a First Aid kit). I would add that you have to take a Red Cross certified First Aid course and get a first aids kit (This is a good one). I took my first one this year and even though I haven't used my new skills in practice, the change in mind-set is very good. You learn how to react, and what to do under those circumstances.

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