Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Testing Online RSS Feed Reader: Netvibes wins

 Since I got tired of getting hundreds of emails with news, and I simply don't like Opera's embedded RSS Feeds Reader, I went for a quest for the ultimate online RSS Feed Reader.
I tested the following (you can add my feed by clicking on the menu on the right):

  1. My Yahoo! - I don't like the ads and banners embedded. They polute.
  2. CNET's Newsburst - for some reason had broken links all over the place.
  3. Netvibes - So far the best, I am testing it and using it to see how it goes.
The best things about netvibes is that you can embbed your own feeds, search for blogs, and even see your emails (with POP3, IMAP, GMail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail accounts). You can also search the web directly on the reader. So far I give it an A+.

1 comment:

Leo Boulton said...

So far, I've tested it for over a week now and it works like a charm. Very stable, can add any feed that you want and some additional widgets (like weather, sticky notes, etc.)