Friday, December 15, 2006

Professional Social Networking - "Is not who you know, it's who knows you"

LinkedIn is an Online Professional Social Networking tool. You sign-in and connect to professional contacts. You can invite friends and expand your network up to three levels (i.e. someone who knows someone who knows you). It's exclusive for professional contacts, nothing like MySpace.

Some of the benefits for you are: It gives you immediate business exposure to anyone (e.g. recruiters, business opportunities, potential employees, potential employers, consultants, old friends, develop relationships, etc.) As a simple example, if you want to do some market research, you can seek people in your network and use them for your study; all in one place.

A simple web-based networking software backend. The core is the social networking engine, but apart from that it's a web application.

Some features:
You can download a plug-in for Outlook and upload all your contacts to then automatically see who is part of LinkedIn already. You can also send customized messages to invite connections. Online services are great for freelancers, entrepreneurs and people looking for a long list of services.

Best thing is that it is f
ree. You can pay for a fee and have access to the whole network, but that's not really necessary to find this beneficial.


Jose U. said...

Wow... talk about a detailed description. It was useful and interesting, but no fun.

Not that that´s bad but...

Pero buena idea! Puse lo mismo en mi blog. Iba a poner un link a tu blog para aquellos que cerian una explicacion mas seria, pero no se si te importa... te importa?

Por cierto, sabes que cada vez que escribo "iba", pienso" es con V o B?" y recuerdo el truco que me dijiste cuando discutiamos la gramatica en 1ero o 2ndo grado: "Es con BE alta! no es el Impuesto al Valor Agregado.)

Gregor said...

LinkedIN is nice, but the complete lack of contact info -aside from an e-mail at best- greatly diminishes its value. I was looking for some old friends' contact info and couldn't get more than their e-mail, although they were already in my network.

There are other social networking sites that appear to have a better solution, providing the user with controls about publishing his or her data.

Adrian said...

Greetings Leo, i´m adrian toro, from the USB. Very good idea this blog.

I have some time thinking and imaging a web page where you could find the best commercial services and products trough searching your friend´s recommendations... This is not like that, but may be this is the beggining of that kind of services...