Monday, December 11, 2006

Let's get started

After years of concerns about Privacy and Identity Theft, I have decided to start MyBlog. I created it to post thoughts and opinions in four differnet categories:

  1. Technology and Innovation - topics of interest in those areas
  2. News - some news that caught my interest and attention
  3. Personal - anything personal (there will be very little of this)
  4. Admin - anything related to the administration of MyBlog
To start with a little description: I am passionate about technology, and not consider myself a geek (contrarie to many people who pride themselves on the term, I think it is plain silly). I simply like it and like adopting it because of how it can solve everyday issues and ease our life.
I'm not talking about that new product that is useless but has millions of  dollars of research and brain power on it just because it seems cool, but rather the simple item that solves a specific problem and saves time or money (e.g. TiVo, Google, or even a laptop, etc.)

You can be part of MyBlog in several ways: First, if you want to subscribe to RSS Feeds and read my posting using your favorite RSS Feed Reader, click here. Second, you can comment on any of my posting by clicking the appropriate link at the bottom of the post. And third, of course, I plan to add advetisement related to what I write; you can click on them if you find them interesting. 

I hope this is useful or interesting to both you and me.... thanks for stoping by.

Oh... by the way... if my writing/grammar is confusing sometimes, it's because I am not a native english speaker :)

1 comment:

Guillermo Power said...

Good article on the importance of blogs.

The Web as we knew it is dead, those businesses and individuals that capitalize on Web 2.0 will succeed. And those who fail to adapt to this revolution run the risk of being overtaken by a more up to date and dynamic rival.

Well done on taking the time and having the initiative to write your own blog, let us know how it pans out.